About us

Re-Mondes is a small Portland and Kiev based company that professionally creates web, mobile and TV apps from scratch.
We highly strive to make ideal apps. And we usually develop apps from idea, helping our clients and partners define and tailor specs, set core features for MVP and provide holistic support along the way of tech phases.

If you are our client

  • you are aware why majority of IT projects are failures and waste of money (at least highlevel)
  • you appreciate MVP approach and understand why it matters
  • you fund pilot that start delivering value immediately, and then keep evolving it marking-to-market
  • you get one of the best team in industry focused on design, development and support for your app
  • you trust us and lean towards partnership with us rather than doing a legal paperwork

Peremptory ‘win-win’ as a corporate motto

  • We always work on trust as an ultimate ingredient for effective collaboration.
  • We charge money for our work, a compensation not a collateral of productive relationships.
  • We tend to be flexible and considering. We do products for real businesses knowing that prototype try-outs sometimes

Ideal app is

  • intuitive: when target user takes seconds to get how it works
  • useful: when app explicitly resolves tangible tasks
  • engaging: when users become returning clients and stop looking around for alternatives


Deliverability process

  • Client takes any comfortable role: from tech team player to traditional acceptor
  • We do things iteratively to minimize cost at the earliest stages
  • We use industry standards in any step
  • Top-notch set of technologies